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Plans start at $5; view pricing tab for full plan information. Billed monthly, cancel at any time.

Upgrade your webpage with Weebly!

With Weebly, you have the ability to build a multi-page webpage, blog, or online store that works amazing across different web browsers, computers, mobile phones, and tablets. With a range of price plans including an e-commerce option, Weebly has everything you need in a website builder to plan, build, publish, and grow. With millions of users, rest assured that Weebly is an amazing WYSIWYG editor for your personal site, online portfolio, or small business.


  • How is this different from Simple Page?

    The Simple Page is a single page with sections of content, but sometimes you need more than a single page - that's where Weebly comes in. With Weebly, you can add navigation and multiple sub-pages to your website that isn't possible with the Simple Page.

  • If I buy Weebly, will it change my live website immediately?

    Nope. We know you'll need some time to get your new Weebly website ready, so we will leave your URL pointed to the same place it is right now. Once you are ready, you can easily “activate” Weebly inside your POP panel to make it live on your URL!

  • Why should I get Weebly through POP instead of someone else?

    If you are already a POP customer, we make it super simple to get Weebly setup immediately on your current URL. If you'd be a new customer joining us specifically for Weebly, you'll find that POP makes it ridiculously easy to be up and running in minutes!

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