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Simple Mail



Free for 1 email address! View pricing tab for full plan information.

Custom email for you and your team.

No more "yourcompanyname@hotmail.com" for you! With Simple Mail you get professional, custom email quickly setup on the domain of your choice (yourname@yourcompany.co).

Every new business needs a simple and reliable custom email service. Simple Mail is built to help you and your team collaborate with custom email and shared calendars, in an easy to use interface.

Every new POP account comes with 1 email free in Simple Mail. Upgrade your plan to add users or services like Shared Calendar or File Storage when you need it.


  • What’s the difference between Simple Mail and the Google Apps mail service you also offer?

    First, there’s price: Simple Mail starts free and goes up to $2.50/month per user for a variety of features. The full suite of Google Apps is $5/month per user. Second, there's features: the main difference is that Google Apps is powered by Google. That means you can manage your email through the popular Gmail interface. You also get the entire suite of Google Apps: Calendar, Drive, Docs, Hangouts, and more. Simple Mail offers similar features, so you should check out the comparison chart {main site chart, pop a new window} to see what you may need, and if you want, upgrade to Google Apps.

  • Can I cancel Simple Mail?

    You can't completely cancel Simple Mail, but you can downgrade to the FREE plan so that you no longer have to pay for it. Or you can get Google Apps.

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