.CO Membership Program

By: .CO


Included free with every .CO domain, because .CO is amazing.

Membership comes free with any .CO domain!

When you get a .CO domain, you get more than just a web address. .CO is the only domain that comes with free access to the .CO Membership Program. This program gives you access to special benefits to get your idea off the ground – including:

  • Tickets to tech events, like Startup Weekend, LeWeb, Launch Festival, and others
  • Discounts on tools and resources like Moo business cards, Zendesk, and more
  • Promotional opportunities like SXSW, TNW, and more

Membership comes free with your .CO through POP – so what are you waiting for? Activate your membership now!


  • Wait, I don't get it - free stuff, just for having a .CO?

    Yes! The folks that run the .CO domain are pretty cool, and offer free perks for anyone that users their domain. It's no wonder we use .CO for our own company, and recommend that you do too!

  • How long does my .CO Membership last?

    The .CO Membership Program is for all users of active .CO domains - so as long as you have an active .CO domain registered through POP, this membership will be active, and you'll be eligible for all the perks provided by .CO!

  • I have a .CO domain, but not through POP, can I still get membership?

    Yes, membership is available to every .CO domain user, even if you haven't gotten your domain from POP... but we recommend you get it through POP, obviously :).