Simple Page Inspiration Gallery

With great Simple Pages come great looks! Since we think seeing is believing, we’ve collected just a few of our favorite Simple Pages for to kick your inspiration into high gear. You can find out what elements they used to build their pages as well as learn more about some cool features that come standard with Simple Page for free.

You can put a lot on Simple Pages, so we’ve just included the best parts in this gallery; if you want to see the full Monty, just click on the image and you can check it out live!

Personal Web Pages

Our Human Experience Ambassador Elicia – otherwise known as the person makes sure things as easy to use as we say they are, and the person writing this post – whipped up a Simple Page (and snagged a fantastic free domain name at the same time!). I selected one of the backgrounds provided by POP and manipulated my content background transparency (under Content Alignment in Page Settings) so that all of the text is readable despite a background with lots of colors.

POP Simple Page -

Elements used: Image, Title, Text, Contact Form, Three Columns, Social Media, Text & Image

This roller derby coach built her Simple Page as a fan page for her roller derby persona, Freek-a-Rella. With just a few clicks, Freek put up a quick bio and promotion for a tournament. It’s wonderful and oh-so-necessary to include a map element when you want people to go somewhere, so we scrolled down to the bottom of her page to show you!

POP Simple Page -

Elements used: Title, Subtitle, Text & Image, Title, Text, Map, Social Media

Personal page of Linda, our Marketing Director. What’s really great about is its elegant simplicity. Linda put up the basics – name, picture, informative but not over-informative bio as well as a contact button on top of a great geometric background. Before you can say “Red Sox are the best!”, you’re done!

POP Simple Page -

Elements used: Title, Image, Text, Contact Form, Social Media

Interest-based Web Pages

I also created a Simple Page for my gaming group. The way I introduce the group is most certainly nerdy, but it’s effective in setting the tone for the content of the page. +1 for a super cool background (we’re into those, can you tell?) which you can get on this site.

POP Simple Page -

Elements used: Image, Title, Subtitle, Contact Form, Text, Title, Three Columns, Text & Image

Look to the stars with, Michelle’s club that meets down at Big Cypress in the Everglades. We love the otherworldly background from Unsplash paired with an attention-grabbing headline and quirky description. Get your star fix on!

POP Simple Page -

Elements used: Title, Image, Title, Text, Three Columns, Map, Contact Form, Title, Social Media

Web Pages for Business

Travel Shot fully utilizes high-resolution images to their fullest here as background images.  A+ for the subtle background of her bio box! You too can use a background image for a single element; you’ll find it under the blue Settings icon within the element. She also used the three columns element in a unique way to show off examples of her work.

POP Simple Page -

Elements used: Image, Title, Subtitle, Contact Form, Text, Three Columns, Text & Image, Social Media

Who doesn’t love a troubadour? Casey’s shades of grey intrigue us and definitely make us want to follow him (on social media as beckoned) all over the world. Casey did a really good job adding his social media links right below the text box where he referenced them. If social media links are important to you, make sure people can find them easily.

POP Simple Page -

Elements used: Hero with Logo, Text, Social Media, Image, Subtitle, Map

Eventze is a company that connects local bands and brands. Their contact button is front and center – and in yellow – so you know how to get in touch right away! The color scheme is wonderfully clear and easily highlights actionable items (like the contact button) and draws your attention down through the page.

POP Simple Page -

Elements used: Title, Subtitle, Text, Contact Form, Three Columns, Map, Social Media


We hope you are feeling inspired to edit your Simple Page and add new styles to it today! …wait, what’s that? You don’t have a Simple Page with POP yet? Never fear. They’re free and even come with the domain of your choice and free custom email as well. Go ahead get yours today

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