Uncommon Sense

We’re insanely cultishly devoted to one goal: to make your life easier. Often times, it’s the little details that can make or break your service experience. Sometimes we stumble across other examples of companies and products that truly inspire us with their unique approach to improving the lives of their customers. In Uncommon Sense, we feature the best of what we find.


Picture this… you’re driving through a parking garage searching for a space, imagining all the ways you could curse out the guy who just took your spot. Hours later, a wave of relief hits you when you finally see an empty spot. You pull up, and it’s that freaking Mini Cooper again. And you’re back – going in circles through the parking garage.  

What if you drove through the garage, knowing exactly which spots were vacant? When you see a green light, you know there is an available spot and you won’t unpleasantly discover the Mini Cooper. To my delight, this was the reality I experienced when we recently stayed at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. They’ve installed a system by Park Assist which indicates via overhead light whether or not the space is available, making finding an empty space a breeze.

Paying attention to little details like this and putting yourself in the mind of the frustrated, seething, stressed out, overworked, attention starved, half crazed consumer, is what really leaves a lasting impression. Our lives are full of these tiny negative experiences. So if you want to alleviate those moments, here’s a little secret: Don’t add to your customer’s burden; subtract stress and make a killing in the marketplace. We think the guys at Park Assist are doing just that. It’s like the flip of the switch we love so much. It just happens and it makes life better. See how we’re making life better at www.POP.co.

Written by Thomas Lackner

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