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We’re insanely cultishly devoted to one goal: to make your life easier. Often times, it’s the little details that can make or break your service experience. Sometimes we stumble across other examples of companies and products that truly inspire us with their unique approach to improving the life of their customers. In Uncommon Sense, we feature the best of what we find.


For those of you cursed with bad eyesight, we know that your life has been made slightly more difficult than those bastards with 20/20. We understand the frustrations involved with finding the right pair of affordable glasses. As a four-eyes myself, I find that those stupid $300+ frames I thought were trendy a year ago are just not going to cut it in a social setting. 

When I stepped into Warby Parker, I learned that buying a new pair of glasses can be affordable, convenient, and best of all—rewarding. To know that I would get a pair of nice glasses, and be giving a pair to someone in need was priceless. I cannot count the ways I am impressed with this company. But let me try…

Warby Parker gives you options, starting with the different ways you can try on your glasses if you’re not in the store. They can send up to 5 pairs of glasses to your home for free, or you can upload a picture of yourself to your digital device and “try on” glasses virtually. And if you’re still not sure, their customer representatives are available for a real-time chat where you can ask their opinion on which frames look best.

But here’s where I feel the true value of their customer service comes in… If you reach out to them via social media, their response will make your jaw drop. They’re not just sending a tweet back; Warby Parker has gone so far as to respond to their customers by recording a video to Youtube of their team picking out a frame specifically for them and explaining why they will be the right fit. This made me all tingly inside. 

When you go above and beyond to deliver the best customer service experience, we will notice you. And better yet, we will remember you and keep coming back. Finding unique ways to make life easier is where it all begins. We think we’ve found a way… See for yourself!

Written by Carolina Leon 

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