Uncommon Sense: Parking Reservations

We’re insanely cultishly devoted to one goal: to make your life easier. Often times, it’s the little details that can make or break your service experience. Sometimes we stumble across other examples of companies and products that truly inspire us with their unique approach to improving the life of their customers. In Uncommon Sense, we feature the best of what we find. 

We make reservations at popular restaurants because we want to sit down immediately and avoid waiting impatiently as table after table gets fed right before our very hungry eyes.  And when you hear “Smith table for 5” seconds after arriving, you don’t even have time to feel sorry for the guys waiting 45+ minutes to be seated at the bar. So in order for things to go our way (meaning the most convenient way), sh*t should be reserved.

SpotHero makes it possible for anyone to reserve a parking spot, on-the-go, and sometimes, at a discounted rate. The app helps you locate parking when you enter an address and gives you the option to compare nearby parking options to save you money. Once you choose a spot, you can guarantee your spot and make a payment by inputting your credit card information. 

Then, similar to a restaurant reservation, all you have to do is show up (with proof of your reservation, of course). Except this time, there will be no bill at the exit because your spot is conveniently prepaid. The best part is: you will never be surprised with a hefty parking ticket. With SpotHero, you don’t have to worry about finding a spot because parking is transparent and hassle-free. 

Whether its parking, or anything else that is costing you too much money, time, or pain, chances are there is already an app or startup that is working to solve your problem for you. So next time you register a domain, attempt to manage DNS, blah blah, blah – remember that there’s already a solution for that: POP.co

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