Uncommon Sense: From Cabs to Trees to Toys

We’re insanely cultishly devoted to one goal: to make your life easier. Often times, it’s the little details that can make or break your service experience. Sometimes we stumble across other examples of companies and products that truly inspire us with their unique approach to improving the life of their customers. In Uncommon Sense, we feature the best of what we find. 

It’s raining, it’s pouring… and I bet you can’t catch a cab. You wait for minutes that feel like hours, looking out at a yellow sea of taxis that are all filled with dry, lucky people. But, if you’re smart, you already know that there is way to avoid this misery: Uber

Uber exemplifies all that is “Uncommon Sense”, as it turns moments like these into pleasurable occurrences where getting a driver is as easy as opening the app on your smartphone.

The first time I ever used Uber was in NYC to go to La Guardia.  It was rush hour and finding a cab was nearly impossible. As a (new) New Yorker, I opened up my recently downloaded Uber app and it immediately found my location and gave me an estimated arrival time. What I did not notice (or maybe chose to ignore) was that the cost was going to be 1.5 times higher than average because of the high demand.

Nonetheless, I took the ride and ended up paying a pretty steep rate. I wrote the community manager, letting him know that I was disappointed with (the cost of) my first ride. His response changed the game for me. He sent me a long, personalized, detailed email politely apologizing for the confusion and explaining why the cost was so high. He went on to discount my ride by 20%! You see, Uber cares.

They care so much that they have teamed up with Room to Grow to facilitate a toy drive in 100 local offices. An UberSLEIGH will come around to offices that pledge to contribute 20 or more toys and will collect their donations and thank them with UberTreats.  As if the tree delivery was not enough – Uber is spreading the holiday joy like no other.

We want to make sure that companies like these are getting recognized, because without them, we would all have more days like Scrooge. Take a moment to think about all the ways others are making easier and let us know!

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