Uncommon Sense: Cozy is Making Rent Easy

We’re insanely cultishly devoted to one goal: to make your life easier. Often times, it’s the little details that can make or break your service experience. Sometimes we stumble across other examples of companies and products that truly inspire us with their unique approach to improving the life of their customers. In Uncommon Sense, we feature the best of what we find.


When you challenge the status quo and create something that no one else has ever bothered to make sense of before, we call it “uncommon sense”. These are the people that are changing the way the world works by improving the antiquated and inefficient systems that define our daily lives.

If you are a landlord or renter and have to pay or receive rent each month, why would you need to make transactions via checks? With technology evolving so quickly, there should be a better way to collect and handle monthly rent payments. The team at Cozy has taken the lead on this by acting as the intermediary between renters and landlords to ensure that the rental process is trustworthy and secure. 

Cozy provides landlords with relevant information on tenants such as employment/salary background, rental history, and previous landlord testimonials so that they can quickly make informed decisions. They are able to screen their tenants even before meeting them. For the renters, Cozy allows them to pay their rent online and even makes it easy for them to split rent with roommates, making each roommate responsible for their own monthly rent (that’s right, you’re roommate will never get away with free rent again!).  

They believe in giving users “more you time” by streamlining the rental-process and saving renters and landlords the headache of exchanging information and payments manually. They’re saving people time, money, and the hassle… See why we can relate? Share your thoughts with us!  

Written by Carolina Leon

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