The Story of POP

“Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action.”  Brendan Francis Brown

We’ve all been there. Having lunch with a brilliant colleague, talking about the industry, and suddenly an idea bubbles up out of the aether. Can you capture it in time, before it evaporates back into the nothingness that it came from, never to return again?

This happened to me a year ago with our CEO Juan Calle. We were at some lame pizzeria when an idea struck. It was just a tiny idea, not the next Facebook, just a little product to fill in a hole in this crazy ecosystem that we’re a part of.  I wanted to capture it, birth it onto the web as soon as possible, before it vanished.

I was able to find a domain name fairly easily using a variety of excellent domain name suggestion services, but to register it and get it online meant filling out dozens of infuriating form fields and working through silly technical issues that I simply didn’t want to deal with.

 Registering the domain and getting email to work is the point of conception for all startups. Why was the process so damn painful? It seemed so old school, asking “what’s my mom’s maiden name” and inserting extra items into my shopping cart.

And then I realized: the powerful idea was not what we were registering at that moment, but rather how it got registered. Why haven’t any of these startups seen the opportunity before them?

 Luckily, we were in a good position to execute, given our roles at .CO. We had a brilliant team, and we were already in the domain business. We could bend the rules a little bit, and work the problem from both ends. We had domain knowledge (no pun intended). We just needed money — a lot of it — and a groundbreaking user experience.

 After months of excruciating work and pushing the boundaries of our own abilities, it came together. Registering a domain name — that formative step for all startups — now simplified. Domain name, email address, and starter page. All in one, a 3 step process, in less than 60 seconds. C names, A records, and all that other DNS mumbo jumbo would become our problem, so that your idea could never escape you. I believe that your idea can POP online, just like mine.

Written by Thomas Lackner

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