The Future of POP is Bright

Over the past few years, POP has gone from a side project of the original .CO team, to a full-fledged startup. We’ve tried a couple different business models along the way, but the plan all along was to use POP as a key registrar channel for new nTLD’s that our parent company, Straat, was applying for. With a change in Straat’s strategy for those nTLD’s, it’s time for our team’s focus to shift as well. With that shift, comes an opportunity for POP to transition to a new owner who will build on what we’ve started, and make it even better – delivering on our original vision of making it ridiculously easy for startups and small businesses to get their ideas online.

It’s my pleasure to announce today, that the majority ownership and full management of has been transferred to our lead developer, and first employee, Corey Ballou. Corey built the system and knows it better than anyone. And more importantly, he has incredible drive and a strong vision of what POP will be.

I’m excited for Corey, and for the future for POP. I truly believe that under his leadership the company will flourish.

Congrats Corey!


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