When we started developing POP, we decided that we wanted metrics to help drive important decisions. Because of this, we knew that we had to start capturing metrics long before we had any sizable user base. Our data is the only thing that would allow us to quantitatively gauge the success and failure of new features and design changes. While we may not necessarily be using all of the data we collect now, we’re well aware that it’s crucial for historical reporting and measuring KPI performance over time.

By collecting data from a variety of sources, we’re able to create mashup reports that we otherwise wouldn’t have thought possible. Some of the types of data we collect at POP are as follows:

  • Logins
  • Logouts
  • Failed login attempts
  • Time to complete registrations
  • Password reset requests
  • Password changes
  • Account suspensions
  • Account deletions
  • Conversions to paid accounts
  • Clicks on internal links
  • Clicks on actionable buttons/items (each with unique identifiers)
  • Simple DNS editor application changes (which applications are used)
  • Signup attempts (successful and unsuccessful)
  • A plethora of Google Analytics reporting data (we pull these in via cronjobs)
  • Email usage and activity data from the Google Reporting APIs
  • Extensive logging throughout our application via Monolog
  • Server statistics via Munin

The biggest benefit we’ve seen from collecting and storing our data uniformly is the ability to query for it via our administrative tools. We have a plethora of administrative management pages that couple nicely with these datasets. We created an administrative API, independent of our client facing API, specifically for querying data to populate our admin pages. This allows us to quickly add new functionality to our admin management tools or create new reporting pages with minimal effort. 

Additionally, some other technologies we readily use for POP are:

If you’d like to know more about our reporting or third party application usage, let us know! Chat with us at @thePOPguys

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