SEO Tips for your Starter Page

Alright alright alright – you’ve got the domain of your dreams and you’re ready to get your idea off the ground. Lucky for you, your domain with POP includes a starter page to get things off on the right foot. As you do, here are a few tips to  ensure that search engines can find you.

POP Starter page edit

POP Control Panel: Edit your starter page here!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) considerations as you setup your POP Starter Page:

Site Title/Heading
This sets your title-tag for SEO, which will show in the browser tab, as well as the headline that shows on your page. The title-tag is an important element in SEO, so you’ll want to follow a few guidelines:

  • Keep it to under 55 characters
  • Be descriptive and include keywords you’d like to be found for

Site Sub-Heading
This is your tagline, and will populate underneath your Site Title/heading. It will also double as your meta-description. Although the meta-description is not weighed as heavily in SEO as much as the meta-title, there are still some guidelines you’ll want to follow:

  • Keep it under 155 characters
  • Think of it as a mini-advertisement for your site—make it brief, descriptive and compelling

What is your site about?
Let the world know what your site is about. Provide a brief, yet descriptive and well-written description of your website.  From an SEO standpoint, be sure to include keywords/search query terms that you’d like to be found for.

  • In SEO, content is massively important. Although your starter page is a one-pager, it’s still important to carefully craft this description
  • Don’t just limit your description to a sentence. At a minimum, add a paragraph so that Google and Bing have something to “grab onto” and have a better idea of what your site is about
  • Use keywords as much as you can, but not at the detriment of your brand–keyword stuffing is not what you are going for. Don’t be that guy.

POP directory
If you’d like to be included in our directory of sites, choose a category from the dropdown you’d like to be used to describe your site. This will provide you with your first inbound link which is great for SEO!

Social Media
On the “Appearance” tab, you will be able to alter your site’s theme, background image, and colors. As you do this, be sure to include your social media handles on the page! As the world of social media has evolved, social media has become ingrained in our online lives, and is extremely important in SEO. Here are some general social media tips to help your online visibility:

  • Focus on the most important social media sites for your brand. For example, maybe your vertical doesn’t align with the highly visual, DIY vibe of Pinterest. If that’s the case, don’t focus on it
  • Stay active—don’t just register, post once, and forget about it. Search engines pay most attention to content that is frequently updated.
  • Don’t forget to add your new URL to all of your social media profiles – for more inbound links, and more importantly, for TRAFFIC!
  • Build relationships. Twitter is excellent for this. Follow industry leaders or folks who you find intriguing and re-tweet their tweets, adding tidbits about how much you enjoyed their Tweet
  • Don’t just post updates about yourself. Post about interesting articles, especially those related to your niche
  • Think about what your social media profiles say about you and your brand

We’ve made it easy to integrate  Google Analytics tracking  on your new site so that you can get a view of the traffic that is coming to your site, including where they are coming from, and what content they are most interested in. If you aren’t already signed up for Google Analytics, you should, as it is an invaluable tool to find detailed data about your site’s visitors. Learn more about Google Analytics here.


We hope you’ve learned some quick tidbits about how to keep SEO in mind when making your starter page POP!  Feel free to email or tweet us with any questions on anything in this post, or just to give us a holla.



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