Pro tips: Upgraded Bankcard Security

We’ve created a solution that streamlines the hassle of registering and creating your online presence. We believe that, if it aggravates you, you should not have to deal with it. As a way to show our commitment to this cause, we will share a pro tip that will surely find itself useful in your everyday life.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting sensitive information.  During the holidays, fraud runs rampant and we should all be taking the necessary precautions to ensure that our bank accounts never get hacked. A few months ago, a member of our Miami team had over $1000 of purchases in France charged to his credit card. That totally sucked. Here’s a tip that will help you get upgraded bankcard security and keep those annoying credit card conversations to a minimum. 

In the event that you lose your bankcard, you can avoid online purchases being made by a stranger by taking action before the card is lost. Scrape off the 3 or 4 digit security code (CVC) on the back of your card. Without that code, a thief will have a much harder time making online purchases. Keep in mind that you must remember the code to be able to shop online, so write the number down some place safe.

There are tons of ways to protect sensitive information, and this is just one more practical way to make sure that all of those Amazon Prime purchases ship to your address, and do not end up somewhere in the French Riviera. Trust us: when you make the effort to protect yourself, your life will be much easier. Are you making your life easier? If not, do yourself the favor

Written by Carolina Leon

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