Pro tips: Shining Headlights

We’ve created a solution that streamlines the hassle of registering and creating your online presence. We believe that, if it aggravates you, you should not have to deal with it. As a way to show our commitment to this cause, we will share a pro tip that will surely find itself useful in your everyday life.

Is your car not shining the way it did when you first drove it off the lot? Join the club. You can always take your car to get a nice and thorough wash, but what kind of life hack is that? Instead, one way we spruce up our cars here at POP is with a little toothpaste and elbow grease.

More specifically, by using ordinary toothpaste and a rag, we can make our headlights shine like they never have. Spread a healthy amount of toothpaste over the glass protecting your headlights and rub it in with a towel or rag. Now, after you wipe off the toothpaste, you will notice an incredible difference in clarity. We like to think of toothpaste as the Windex for your headlights.

Still skeptical that some good old Crest toothpaste will do the trick? Have a look for yourself. We’ve got some serious car enthusiasts on the POP Team, so shoot your best car life hacks to @thePopGuys.  

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