Pro tips: Help Line

We’ve created a solution that streamlines the hassle of registering and creating your online presence. We believe that, if it aggravates you, you should not have to deal with it. As a way to show our commitment to this cause, we will share a pro tip that will surely find itself useful in your everyday life.

Very few things can be more frustrating than long waits on hold when calling a 1-800 number. We admit that we’ve come this close to banging our heads against the wall while we listen to the same jazz song play over and over again for 40 minutes. That’s why when we stumbled across this life hack to get better service on help lines, we had to share it with the POPulation.

If you want swifter, friendly service when on a 1-800 help line, here’s a little trick: start the conversation by telling the operator the call is being recorded. Something along the lines of, “I am required to tell you this entire conversation is being recorded.”  This probably sounds familiar, except that you are the one saying it this time around.

 If you’d like to take it a step further, ask the operator to state his/her name and operator ID. That should get their attention. We don’t have data to back this up other than our own personal experience, so YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

 We are constantly looking for ways to shorten wait times to quickly fix the issue at hand, so we can get back to the important things in life – Call of Duty and YouTube videos. If you have any tips, spread some knowledge in the comment section or tweet @thePopGuys.

Written by Carolina Leon

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