Pro tips: Has your car ever been stuck in snow?

We’ve created a solution that streamlines the hassle of registering and creating your online presence. We believe that, if it aggravates you, you should not have to deal with it. As a way to show our commitment to this cause, we will share a pro tip that will surely find itself useful in your everyday life.

Wintertime means snowball fights, hot chocolate, crackling wood-burning fires, and unfortunately, driving through snowstorms. The only thing worse than scraping ice off your window-shield and a steering wheel too cold to touch barehanded is a car stuck in a snow bank. We want to avoid finding you and your family knees deep in three feet of snow pushing your minivan.

If you have experienced this, you have probably tried to press the acceleration pedal over and over again desperately hoping for the wheels to gain traction. I am sure you have learned that at a certain point, you just end up in a deeper hole than the one you started with.

Next time, you should take out your floor mat and tuck it tightly in front of the spinning tire. Slowly inch the car forward and your car should begin to move out of the ditch. Keep moving forward and eventually you will be home free!

Now, are you thinking about all those hours you have spent pushing your car when you could have just put down the mat? Don’t worry; we had the same depressing realization too. Just like the endless hours people spend getting their website online, when all they need to do is go to POP. So instead, think of all the hours you will save in the winters to come. Let us know what you think of our tips @thePOPguys

Written by Carolina Leon

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