Pro tip: Overheating Laptop

We’ve created a solution that streamlines the hassle of registering and creating your online presence. We believe that, if it aggravates you, you should not have to deal with it. As a way to show our commitment to this cause, we will share a pro tip that will surely find itself useful in your everyday life.


After countless hours working on your latest masterpiece (or let’s be honest- just browsing Facebook), your laptop comes close to reaching its boiling point. You might consider turning off your computer and switching over to one of your other devices. But why should you have to?

If you have ever Googled the problem, you have probably learned that it is important to avoid resting your computer on soft surfaces. And sometimes, just moving your laptop to a desk or table leaves you in the same frustrating situation. The bottom of the computer is still hot enough to cook bacon on and you probably feel SOL (Shit Outta Luck).

It’s moments like these that make you wish you had your own personal repair man to fix every little obstacle you run into. That’s why we are here to give you a second line of defense against your volcanic laptop.

Next time your computer starts to overheat, just grab two identical forks. Place them on the desk with the prongs of the fork faced downward to create an arch to rest your laptop on. You should begin to feel it cool down, and that means it’s working.

We appreciate simple solutions like this one for making the little problems disappear before they become big ones. Do you have any pro tips that you can share? Share them with us!

 Written by Thomas Lackner 

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