Our Mighty Blog Migration from Tumblr to WordPress

We’ve had a wonderful ride with Tumblr this past year. It’s a great service when you’re getting off the ground and want a no frills solution to keeping your customers informed. The time has come where we needed to cut the strings and evolve our blog just as we did with our recent 2014 site redesign. There’s some crucial aspects to why we’ve gone ahead with the migration that you may be interested in knowing.

Beam Me Up Linkjuice, Scotty

It’s well known that an active and useful blog can provide a steady stream of traffic to your site. We’re looking to reap  any SEO rewards as we transition from the subdomain blog.pop.co over to pop.co/blog. It’s a widely debated topic, but we’re proponents of favoring subdirectories.

We Want to Encourage Lively Discussions

Another benefit of switching over to our own managed blog is that we wish to maintain more meaningful connections with our customers. In the case of WordPress, this simply means we want to be more easily accessible via commenting.

We Want to Increase Accessibility

Many of us are RSS readers and understand the importance of offering an RSS feed to our readers. It increases the likelihood of articles being consumed by putting us in front of more streams.

The Nitty Gritty

We’ve chartered into interesting territory with this install. We view WordPress as a potential security hole. For this reason, we tasked ourselves with setting up WordPress as an Nginx reverse proxy. What this means is we’re actually serving up our blog on it’s own machine independent of POP’s application architecture. There were a few small technical challenges in doing so, so if you’d care to know what the process of serving up a subdirectory as a reverse proxy is like, just ask!

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