New year, new look, the new POP

It’s a new year – and to some of us, that means its time to finally get our act together. While most people ring in the new year by changing their eating habits or buying a gym membership, here at POP we are are welcoming 2014 with an entirely new look and improved user experience.

We’re so grown up, you may not even recognize us.

We’re rocking a simple white, teal, and red color scheme that makes for a sleek, slightly more grown-up look. Our pages are more user-friendly, intuitive, and purposeful. Specifically, we’ve made some major improvements to the user experience of signing up.

Better support for the rest of the world.

We have added new features to our sign-up process that make it easier to use outside of the United States.

One of POP’s radical new ideas was verification solely by SMS. It’s unusual for a registrar or service provider to take this route, but we felt that the phone number space was actually less polluted by verminous riff raff than the big free email providers. But by doing this we left out an important audience – those that cannot easily receive international SMS messages.

In some parts of the world, SMS spam is such a huge problem that commercial services need to jump through a couple hoops to get their messages through. Your out-of-the-box Twilio or TelAPI account won’t be able to get texts through to many handsets in Asia, Eastern Europe, and parts of South America.

To address this, we added verification by email to the sign-up process. We’ve also strengthened our behind-the-scenes fraud detection so that the bad actors will have more trouble getting .CO’s registered through us (hopefully!).

If you want to get your business booted (that’s the point right?), then we’re your guy.

The sign-up process is so fast and easy that your landing page and email address are ready before you know it. We found that lots of users were adding teammate emails, so we decided – why not embed this into the sign-up process? It is now easier than ever to add email addresses for your business partners and co-founders.

Additionally, we’ve  made it easier to setup POP on your phone so that you can send and receive email from your POP account while you’re on the go. A few months ago, we launched support for iPhone/iPad Configuration Profiles, which meant that you could add your POP account to your iPhone (and your team mates iPhones) without filling out a bunch of annoying information. But it was kind of a hidden feature and pretty damn ugly (a hallmark of my “design aesthetic”), and now it’s beautiful and worth checking out.

If you’re a control freak, you’ll be in heaven.

Our old control panel – the stuff you see after you are logged in to your account – was functional, but its appearance was hacky. Worse than that, many of the commonly used features of the control panel were hidden inside a mysterious “POP Settings” link, which we styled in the tiniest possible font and hidden in the upper right corner of your display, where users are least likely to look (sort of like this).

Now, we’ve rethought everything and laid out the control panel’s main page so that everything is easily within reach.

If you think our new site is helping make your life easier, give us a shout out.

We are excited for you to check out our new look and hear your feedback! You like? Reach out on the Twitter (@thePOPguys) or email us at

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