New features: groups, aliases, forwarding!

Summer in Miami is a sad time. All the beautiful tourists have left and taken the fun with them. We’re faced with plague-like swarms of inch long Chikungunya-weaponized mosquitos, cataclysmic monsoons that morph into hurricanes, 120 degree/100% humidity endurance tests on the way to the bubble tea place, and, most dreadfully, stone crab season is only a distant buttery memory.

But we at POP persist. We bravely fortify our air conditioned offices and beat our rusty dull machetes against Git repos until new features emerge from the fleshy core. Today, I have three new features to present to you.

Groups allow you to setup inbound email mailing lists that bounce one address (like to other users (usually at the same domain). For instance, you could setup to go to you and your cofounder. This is great because it gives you the ability to have another visible email to the outside world, without another mailbox to set up (or pay for – groups are free!). You’ll find this in your Control Panel under the Team Management page. Read more about how this works inside our new support docs about Groups.

Aliases allow you to assign another email address to an existing single mail box. So you could say is equivalent to And yup, aliases are free too. You can find aliasing controls under the Team Management page in your Control Panel. Read more about our alias feature.

Forwarding is perhaps the most exciting feature of this sprint. With forwarding you can redirect users from your site to another site, either with the new site’s address visible in the browser address bar, or hidden via a feature we call masking (it works via an IFRAME if you are the technical sort). This feature has a ton of uses, such as putting up a temporary site, directing users to a new URL if you aren’t using your old domain anymore, etc. You can find forwarding controls under the DNS Editor in the Control Panel. We’ve also written some docs about forwarding that you may peruse.

Yup, all of this is free, just for being a POP customer. Thanks again for helping us build something special!

If you’re not part of the family yet, there’s still time. Sign up now! It only takes 30 seconds and you can try it out without entering your credit card information.

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