POP, now with fancy domains!

Ever since launching POP last year, we have heard loud and clear from our customers that you want to be able to add additional domains to your POP account… So we are proud to announce today that we are launching a private beta for all of our current customers to add additional domains to your accounts!

This includes:

  1. Multiple domains, one account
    If you have domain1.co and want to add domain2.co and domain3.co, you can add each of these to your POP account – with or without Google Apps attached to them. And they’re all conveniently charged to your main credit card on file. Let the domain hoarding begin.
  2. Old-school domain extensions: .COM, .NET, .ORG
    We’re huge fans of .CO. Everyone knows that. We still offer our primary bundle with a .CO domain + Google Apps + Starter page for the best price (all that for the low low price of $5 per month! Come on down to Crazy Juan’s domain shop!) – but we are now excited to also offer legacy domains like .COM, .NET, and .ORG for you to add to your accounts… if you want to impress your grandparents.
  3. New domain extensions: .NINJA, .COOL, .VENTURES and more!
    OK, this part excites us the most. Even though we added the legacy domains to give the people what they asked for, we all know that all the good names are taken at those extensions… like when you show up late to a BBQ and you have to eat a mountain of cole slaw because all the good stuff is gone. But the internet is changing… this year, literally hundreds of new extensions are available to you – like .NINJA, .COOL, .VENTURES and more! See the full list of extensions now available to POP customers here, or just search for a domain in your account now!

The features explained above are available today in private beta for our current customers only – if you aren’t a customer yet, sign up to take advantage of all this new hotness.

Current customers can just login to your panel to access the new Domains area, where you can easily manage your current domain, and/or add new ones. Pricing for domains will vary based on the extension – but you should find that our pricing is competitive with standard registrars. You can find an extensive pricing list here.

We’d love to know what you think of the new feature! Feel free to comment here, or tweet us @thePOPguys.

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