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Have you ever had an “oh sh*t” moment after you sent a text message, and wished you had a way to get that text back? We have… and some of our past relationships could have really been saved from some big arguments if we could have only taken back our message right away… Well, now you can! Check out the interview below with Maci Peterson, Co-founder and CEO of On Second Thought – a messaging app that lets you take back that message!

What was the inspiration that made you start OnSecondThought.co?
My ex-boyfriend had called a few times and for some reason I kept missing his calls. I sent a text message and I wanted to say, “Hey! For some reason, I keep missing your calls,” but autocorrect changed it to, “Hey! For some reason, I keep missing your <something that rhymes with a male anatomy>.” After that, and many other embarrassing texting moments, I knew I was onto something.

Where were you when inspiration hit you (be honest)?
I travel a lot, and that gives me time to think. I was inspired to create On Second Thought during a layover at Philadelphia International Airport.

Is it a solo project — or do you have a co-founder, partner, or other team members?
I have two co-founders: Stewart Voit (Chief Operations Officer) and Gary Keeler (Chief Creative Officer)

What’s next for On Second Thought?
We will release our Curfew Feature next. This feature gives the additional time we all need to recall a message when going for a night on the town. If you’re going out, and know you’ll be more prone to send embarrassing or compromising messages, you can set a time for the Curfew to begin. At that designated time, your text messages will be held until the next morning.

What advice do you have for others that have an idea that they want to get started?
Start executing it immediately. Don’t wait! If you aren’t familiar with the industry, get plugged in. Join Meetup groups, reach out to people who have been successful, read articles about businesses that are in that field. Don’t be afraid to admit what you don’t know, people will be willing to teach you. Don’t be afraid to tell others about your idea, most people don’t have the time or passion to steal it.

Why did you decide to launch using POP?
We chose to launch our website using POP because it integrated seamlessly with our .co domain. POP’s tools made it easy to setup email and integrate with Google Apps.

Where to find out more about OnSecondThought:

POP features used:

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