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There are so many great ideas being built on POP, that we wanted to take time out every week to tell you about them. For our inaugural post, we’d like to introduce you to Gally.co – a Mobile App that lets you instantly start chants in the crowd around you – co-founded by Parker Barnett.

What was the inspiration that made you start Gally?
I was watching game 6 of the 2013 Red Sox vs Cardinals World Series on TV. I grew up outside of Boston, and even though I had never been a diehard baseball fan – there is just something about being from New England – you live for the hometown teams whether you know Clay Buchoitz’ ERA or not. I could hear the crowd chanting to rattle the pitcher and I wanted nothing more than to be in that energetic crowd cheering on the Sox – even though I could probably see more of the action on the TV. And that’s when I began to realize the power of the crowd and its potential to influence the game itself. People watch games live because of the atmosphere the crowd creates. I’ve followed my college football team around the country with my friends, and I know that not every place is lucky enough to have that unforgettable atmosphere. The rest of that Red Sox game I kept racking my brain about a way to not only recreate what was going on at Fenway, but how I could take it to a whole new level? How can I enhance the shared experience and empower people to really engage in the game and find that sense belonging in the crowd? And that’s when I had the idea for Gally.

Where were you when inspiration hit you (be honest)?
I was on my apartment couch cordially going back and forth “talking trash” to one of my best buddies who is a huge Cardinal’s fan from St. Louis. As someone who was born and raised just outside of Boston, there very few things more important than the Red Sox being in the World Series.

Is it a solo project – or do you have a co-founder, partner, or other team members?
We are a team of two – myself and Alex Hernandez – who are constantly pulling our “startup friends” into our meetings to test, review, tear apart Gally. With such a small team, it’s important for us to tap into the advice and talent around us. For the first 9 months, the two of us met up each week to run through what needed to be accomplished at local coffee shops. Now, we work out of each other’s apartments a couple of times a month. It’s helps create a stronger bond between the two of us and develop a real way of going about things. We didn’t know each other before we started working on Gally, which flies in the face of what most startup “gurus” will advise founders to do. We were lucky. Alex and I work fantastically together. It helps that we have this shared passion for creating an incredible experience at live events which allows us to thrive as a team.

What’s next for Gally?
Right now, we are building a core user base in Miami who will help shape the next iteration of Gally. Like any company at our stage – it is all about users, users, users. We are forming partnerships with athletics departments and we can be reached at team@gally.co. We just finished our shiny new Android App to match our iPhone app. Once people see what a crowd can become when stadium people rooting for the home team channels their passion all at once – it’s hard to imagine crowds the way they exist now.

What advice do you have for others that have an idea that they want to get started?
You’ve got be in love with what you are building and the world you are trying to create – because part of being an entrepreneur means executing in areas that you would normally avoid or consider your weakness. Whether that be public speaking, sales, Google Analytics, writing blogs, CSS… whatever! If you’re a founder and you’re only doing the things you’re good at or love to do in the beginning – you’re probably not doing it right.

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