Built with POP: 30 Tiny Projects

We are excited today to introduce you to Sorin Amzu, an entrepreneur who recently undertook a personal challenge called 30 Tiny Projects, where he launches a new project every day for 30 days – all using the POP Starter Page to capture interest and determine which project he will proceed with after the challenge is up. Check out the story of how 30 Tiny Projects came to be:

What was the inspiration that made you start 30 Tiny Projects?
I first created “I Write Your Content” because I couldn’t find writers who could design. Or designers who could write. I did both and wanted to offer my services to other people. It wasn’t meant to go farther than that. However, I still had ideas for what I could achieve with small sites. So when the question from one of my friends came: “What are you building tomorrow?”, I knew I had to turn this into something bigger. 30 days seemed a good period, without feeling overwhelmed.

Where were you when inspiration hit you (be honest)?
I wish I could say I was driving or in an elevator. I was just on Facebook when someone asked me about the other projects – if he could see additional stats. One hour later, I returned with a very basic blog, with detailed information into tactics, timing, naming and the idea behind 30 Tiny Projects.

Is it a solo project — or do you have a co-founder, partner, or other team members?
No team whatsoever. I did have support from my marketing agency colleagues. I bugged them into signing up for my second project – which is still my most popular (TL;DR-Email). Then some kept coming up with ideas and names. I incorporated most feedback, but doing everything alone did get tedious at times. Fun, but tedious.

What’s next for 30 Tiny Projects?
One of the rules I had for 30 Tiny Projects was that I had to come up with the idea for the project that day. I’m breaking that rule with my final project. I already have it planned and I’m working on something big. Not really prepared to say what, but I think it will be a nice surprise for everyone watching 30 Tiny Projects…

What advice do you have for others that have an idea that they want to get started?
Wow, that’s a great question. I’m glad I can put it out there in writing. It sometimes feels like every piece of advice I give falls on deaf ears. Launching an idea and getting started with a project is not about being prepared. It’s not about doing research for days or weeks. It’s not about buying blog themes and printing business cards. It is… shockingly… about LAUNCHING… and actually GETTING STARTED. With all the free tools available – including POP.CO’s Startup Bundle – why wait? What’s holding you back?

Why did you decide to launch using POP?
I’m not going to lie – it was 2 things:
A. The price
B. The ease of use

A  .CO domain for free for 2 weeks? That’s unheard of. I also don’t believe in paying for something when you’re not getting money back – so the 2 weeks is just enough time to make you hustle for links and traffic, trying to get Product/Market Fit. I was able to think about a project and actually launch it within 15 minutes. Oh, and that same hour, I already had people signing up for the service!

Where to find out more about 30 Tiny Projects:

POP features used:

What idea do you want to get off the ground? It’s crazy simple with POP. Just find the name you want and we’ll set you up with professional email and a starter webpage in under a minute. What are you waiting for? Get started today


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