We’re perusing a lot of resumes for interns these days, and we’ve seen some really great examples of what to do – and some truly terrible examples of what not to do. Hey, we’ve been there, we’ve even made some of those same mistakes ourselves. So we wanted to share what we, an employer, actually want to see from future team members. Hopefully it helps at least one new grad get a job that they would have normally been bypassed for… Get inside our heads to find out what matters!

Here’s a few tips (and resources):

  • A cover letter is still a must. Email may have replaced snail mail on how we send resumes out, but the “cover email” is the best way to combine who you are with what you can do for a company. Make it interesting to read, and make it personalized to the opportunity! Everyone knows that 80% of your intro content will be copy pasta, and that’s ok (we’re all about efficiency), but definitely make sure you switch up that first and last paragraph to make it clear you’re interested in the specific company you’re writing to and the job you want at said company. That brings us to…
  • PROOFREAD. Nothing will make your resume disappear from the pile faster than a type or a careless mistake like “I would love to intern for GoDaddy” when you are sending a letter to POP.  Seriously? I don’t think we need to say any more… but make sure you check for typos too. Details matter!
  • A professional email address. Ilovedoggies@hotmail.com is great for emailing for your friends, but consider your potential employer’s perspective – wouldn’t you want to hire someone who seemed to have their sh*t together with something like jane@doe.co? I know this seems complicated and expensive, but it’s not. In fact, POP can help you get it up and working for free! Seriously, get your free custom email  now and then come back and finish reading this blog post.
  • Know what comes up for you in a Google search and take control! You will be searched for. There’s more to it than just locking down Facebook and clearing out photos you’d rather not explain. Check out BrandYourself, a free resource that helps you get control of your online presence and offers advice on how to put your best foot forward. It wouldn’t hurt to have a landing page live on yourfullname.co either… something like that is easy to setup when you get a free domain (along with that free email) and build yourself a Simple Page to showcase yourself how you would want an employer to see you.
  • Your resume should look good…but perhaps the usual templates are getting a little overused. Why not try something a little more out of the box? We’ve uncovered some hidden treasures online that will help your resume really stand out…
    • Easy and elegant resume formatting: ineedaresu.me
      When you find regular word processing programs are not cutting in in the style department, go running to ineedaresu.me. (Clever use of a domain extension!) They’ve built a crazy easy template in which to put all the awesome reasons why you’d be a great fit for your next career prospect. Need prompts? Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered. Observe an example of their template in action here:

    ineedaresu.me home page


    • Stylish and helpful: Enhancv
      These guys definitely got our attention with a promise to triple our interview chances. While we don’t know if that’s the case, we do know that we don’t see resumes like this very often. Definite plus: Enhancv offers professional feedback on your resume content! These might run a little long for US employers, but with the array of swell designs we wouldn’t be surprised if hiring managers keep on reading.



    • The future? Video resumes!
      As beautiful as paper resumes can be, nothing quite communicates who you are and what you can do like a video! Let potential employers get to know you with a video crafted to show off your best features (like your smile and those presentation skills you’ve totally mastered!). With the advent of YouTube and free (basic) editing software on virtually every computer, you too can make the magic happen. You might think this route is only good for graphic designers or “creatives”, but we beg to differ! We found two awesome videos for a software developer and an interpreter/translator.



Before you send that resume, make yourself POP!

You didn’t think we’d let you go without one more plug for how POP can help you, did you? Good. Claim your name with a free domain, email address, and website to show off your resume and embed your awesome video and put your best foot forward. How stylish do you look now? (Very!) Get your personal brand online today with POP!

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