Who are those people on our home page?

You may have noticed some (pretty) new faces on our home page. At POP, you know we’re all about getting your idea online fast and for free (with no small amount of style, we might humbly add!). We wracked our brains for the best way to visually demonstrate this; should we have animations of domains getting registered? Create all-new graphics? What could we do to personalize the experience while showing off what your product could be?

We got inspired by the fact that your webpage is your face to the world, so why not show you ours? You’re getting the best of everything in these images: our awesome team with our equally awesome Simple Page (that you get for free!). Here are the details behind the pages that you see:

  • Juan: the911.co – our founder and CEO has a few other companies, including The 911 Company that restores classic Porsche 911’s to perfection. He’s also repping another one of his companies with his Building.co tshirt in this image. Because, entrepreneur.
  • Michelle: astromancer.co – it takes someone very special to provide top-class customer service to all our wonderful customers, and Michelle does it in style. She also likes to come up with fun ideas, including Astromancer (which is fictional, btw… or is it?).
  • Mike: dominobuddy.co – as a developer, Mike is always thinking of new ways that technology can make his life easier, including his favorite game of domino. Do you play? Check out the app!
  • Linda: kski.co – when she isn’t working on our brand, she’s working on her own personal one, so our Marketing Director created her own webpage and custom email with this shortened version of her incredibly-long last name.

#POPhack: Free custom images for your homepage

We’re a startup and don’t really have piles of cash lying around (yet), so we love practically-free ideas that work! Here’s how we did it:

  1. Go to the Apple Store and buy an iPad. You’re just going to “borrow” it, so make sure you don’t set it up.
  2. Assemble your team in front of a backdrop of your choosing – we chose a wall outside with a neutral color and texture to it.
  3. Pick a good time of day for lighting – we took ours between 2-4pm in the Miami winter sun (there are a few perks to our location, we admit it)
  4. Pull out your smartphone and snap your photos! We used an iPhone 6.
  5. Return iPad to Apple Store.
  6. Paste custom images of whatever you want on “your” iPad – cats, your product, a picture of you holding the iPad ad infinitum, you get the picture.
  7. Apply photoshop if desired, we kept ours relatively filter-free.
  8. Voila, you have amazing pictures on a shoestring budget!
How we did it! #POPhack

Behind the scenes with Alian and Juan

What are you up to?

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