We’re well aware that POP is one of the absolute easiest ways to get up and online fast. It’s so easy, in fact, that many users simply sign up for a domain name and never use it. Squatted domains are not a part of POP’s vision. We want to help cultivate ideas and grow them into something bigger. We want to provide a means for individual’s to build their personal brands, startups to launch and grow, and small businesses to flourish.

To better combat domain squatting and reduce a bit of overhead, we will be rolling out our first phase of automated system cleanup beginning Monday, March 7th. Our system will begin automatically notifying, suspending, and subsequently deactivating any Simple Mail Free plans that have been inactive for a specific period of time. This does not apply to users currently on a paid Simple Mail plan.

To keep with our transparency, we wanted to give you advanced notice on what this means and how it may affect you. Below is our current definition of an inactive email account as well as the time periods our system uses to deactivate and delete Simple Mail.

An inactive Simple Mail Free account is one which a user has not logged in in the past 30 days. We will send the administrative user of any inactive account a warning email notification after 25 days of inactivity. Users will then have 5 days to login and check their Simple Mail Free email in order to ensure they keep their mail account active. If an email account remains inactive for 30 consecutive days, we will suspend the Simple Mail account. If an email address remains inactive for 40 consecutive days, we will delete the Simple Mail Free account without further warning.

If your Simple Mail Free account ends up being deleted, you will lose all previous email history. You can sign up for Simple Mail Free again at any time, but we highly recommend registering for it only when you plan on using it.

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