Great News: POP Now Supports Nameserver Changes

One recurring feature request we’ve seen since launching POP has been the ability for you to update your domain’s name servers. We’re happy to announce that we’ve just released a new DNS Nameserver Management page allowing you to update your name servers at will. For those of you that have already had your name servers changed via a support request, you should now see those changes reflected in the new management page. 


The reason we’d been holding off on this feature for so long was mainly due to a fear of increased customer support. Allowing name server changes comes with a few caveats. The most important one is that when you change name servers away from POP, all of your old DNS records are lost and need to be re-created within your third parties DNS management tool. If you did not re-create the necessary MX records, for instance, you would lose the ability to send and receive emails. The way that we decided to combat this issue was to perform an MX record check against your third party name servers to verify you have the correct DNS records. In the event you don’t have the MX records, our DNS Management page outlines which records are missing. This feature is one of many that we put in place to ensure you have a painless experience when changing your name servers.


One other very crucial aspect of allowing name server changes is that we are no longer able to manage your DNS records. We don’t expect everyone using POP to understand DNS and name servers. For those that don’t, we need a way to ensure they understand the implications of their changes. Because of this, we took our time devising a way to visually indicate that POP can no longer manage DNS records when the name servers are changed to a third party. The above image depicts this particular state. We also provide an easy to use mechanism to switch name servers back to POP with the click of a button if something goes wrong. This may seem subtle, but from a user experience perspective it’s very important. We strive to make POP the absolute easiest way to get your website online, and we believe this is another step in the right direction.

If updating your name servers has been on your todo list for your POP account, simply head on over to our DNS Nameserver Management page.  We’d love to see what you’ve been building!

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