Google Apps tips: Rescheduling Made Smart

There are a million ways that you can bypass the daily traffic of your life, and that’s because there are plenty of people (like us) who are working relentlessly to create shortcuts for you. Here are some Google Apps tips that help make this possible. 


When it comes to scheduling your daily meetings, appointments, lunches,(and even bathroom breaks), we know that sometimes life brings you unexpected turns and you just have to take a rain check. Unfortunately, you now have to deal with all the extra work that comes with rescheduling – finding another time that works perfectly for everyone involved. It’s no wonder people are so damn dependent on their Google calendar.

So we mentioned that we want to help you find shortcuts… Well, instead of dealing with the unbearable task of searching through everyone’s schedule to find a new available time, Smart Rescheduler on the Google Calendar will do it for you.

Just enable the Smart Rescheduler lab in the Settings of your calendar, and click the Find a New Time option. Simply enter the length and date of the meeting. A calendar overlay of all the participants will automatically appear displaying available times and/or possible conflicts. It’s all done for you once you hit Schedule this.

We think it’s time for you to realize that your life can be and is being made easier by awesome people like those at Google. They believe, like us, that taking the alternate route won’t always cut you short. Sometimes it will just help you to focus on what’s really important in life ($$$).

 Written by Carolina Leon 

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