There are a million ways that you can bypass the daily traffic of your life, and that’s because there are plenty of people (like us) who are working relentlessly to create shortcuts for you. Here are some Google Apps tips that help make this possible.

Need to create a survey for a research project or just for fun? Google Docs will set you up with a free survey or poll that you can use to gather all the data you need. Simply follow these instructions.

Open up your Google Drive and Create a Form as shown on the left. Then Choose Title and Theme from a selection of classic headers to holiday themed designs.

Go through the form adding questions and setting the response type. You’ll be able to customize your responses by paragraph text, multiple choice, checkboxes, or even grid. Once you finish a question you can continue to add questions by clicking Add Item.

Now that you’re done asking questions, it’s time to get some answers. Send Form and you will receive a link that you can share over Facebook, Twitter, or Google +. You can also embed it directly to your site, or send over email.

Whatever way you choose to publicize your survey, rest assured that all of your results will appear in a spreadsheet that you will find in your Google Drive. And when you’re all done, share your insights with us!  

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