GMail Tips: Email Delegation

Like most people that are trying to balance their work and personal life, I have two email accounts that I go back and forth opening all day. I thought that I struck gold when I discovered using two separate browsers – Google Chrome and Safari – to load each account, so that I wouldn’t have to log in and out. But this just created a stressful and messy environment on my laptop. 

Just like POP, Gmail seems to find a way to solve your problems. You can grant your personal account access to your work account and view, organize, and send email on behalf of your work account (or vice versa). Just go to Settings> Accounts and add a new email account. That way – you’ll have less clutter to deal with.

If you’re a fancy executive with assistants to answer your emails, you can also delegate access to your Gmail to other people so they can organize, read, and send messages on your behalf. You can assign up to 10 users by going through the same steps as you did to delegate your personal and work accounts. This time, any messages someone else sends from your account will have both your email and the other person’s email listed (ex: Your Name (sent by Delegate). But don’t worry, whoever you choose to manage your emails will not be able to change your account settings or password, or use Gchat.

So next time you are battling between two different browsers – like when using your new POP custom email account – remember this simple Gmail tip. If you have some more tips, share the wealth: @thepopguys

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