We’re truly trying to change how the world sees building websites at POP. There’s no reason anybody should have to understand technical jargon in order to put a beautiful looking website online. This is why our team built a Simple DNS tool which takes the pain out of pointing a domain name at your website. We’ve abstracted away the notion of creating DNS A and CNAME records to point your shiny new domain at that beautiful website you created with any number of our favorite website builders.

Our goal is to empower our users with the tools necessary to build gorgeous websites with no muss or fuss. Core to this belief is promoting what we believe to be the absolute best website builders on the market. We don’t offer you a super snazzy website builder because we believe others are doing it better. We’re here to help you make the decision of which website builder to chose. If our simple one page POP Page is sufficient for your needs, that’s great!

We’re always expanding our one-click applications as we find new website builders that we trust and recommend. We currently support the following reputable website builders and platforms: About.me, Barley, Flavors.me, Heroku, LaunchRock, Shopify, Squarespace, Strikingly, Tumblr, Virb, Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Yola. Each has their own pros and cons which we’re likely to write about in the future. For now, we leave the decision in our customer’s hands as we recommend each and every one of our website builders.

The level of complexity behind our simple one-click application installs is quite high. On the backend, we check for DNS record conflicts any time you attempt to enable a new application. If conflicts are found, we’re able to visually cue you in to exactly what existing applications are conflicting and give you the decision as to if you’d like to proceed or cancel enabling the new application. In the event an already enabled application is conflicting and you still wish to enable a new application, the old one is disabled for you on the spot. We believe this is conflict resolution at it’s best.

For applications that require additional user data, such as Shopify, we have a unique approach where we clearly ask our users for the specific information via form fields. These form fields are clearly labeled as to what information we need and where the user can find it from the application’s website. In Shopify’s case, they need a specific DNS CNAME record to be created that contains a username. To keep things easy, we simply ask for the username. It’s this kind of attention to detail that separates us from the pack when providing the best user experience for our customers. 

For our power users who already have a knowledge of DNS, Name Servers, and the like, there’s always our Advanced DNS editor to satisfy your needs. We’ve got everyone’s bases covered!


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