Built with POP: Give-Back

Ever wanted to donate to a cause you love easily through your phone (but without the pesky text messages that cost you even more)? Liora Raitblat did–and came up with a solution to make it easier! Fresh off a win at the Telfer Business Traction Challenge, she introduced us to her amazing project that makes it easy to donate to causes you love.

What was the inspiration that made you start your project?

Give-Back is a mobile application that will make it easy for users to donate to the causes they care about, while gaining points and incentives along the way. Many organizations are now developing their own mobile applications to donate through, yet it becomes a hassle to have to download each one if you’re looking  to donate through your phone. Give-Back is a platform that will allow be a platform for various causes, allowing users to donate from one place. At the same time, smaller organizations who may not have the resources to develop their own website or app will be able to use this.

Where were you when the inspiration hit (be honest!)?
At a charity event. As I attended events, I realized there was no easy way to donate as many events are partnered with different causes/charities/etc. I came up with the idea to create an application that would make it easy!

Is Give-Back a solo project — or do you have a co-founder, partner, or other team members?
I have 2 other members on my team–Naglaa Eid and Lemuel Barando. We’re all approaching graduation from the University of Ottawa.

What’s next for Give-Back?
Launching the application! We’ve had some incredible accomplishments so far in just a few months. We are launching in May for Android devices, and seeking funding to continue its development.

Got any advice for others that have an idea they want to get started?
Stick to your gut and make it happen.

Why did you decide to launch using POP?
Through Startup Weekend. I used Wix to build my site; in terms of Wix, I was really happy that I have the ability to integrate it with POP.co. It was fairly understandable how to connect it too so that was great! I enjoyed the Wix layout and had already created a draft so it was great that I didn’t have to redo it when using POP.

Where can we find out more about you?

POP services used:

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