Get buddy-buddy with POP + BuddyPress

Okay, this is exciting – we’ve got a new app to tell you about! It’s time to get acquainted with BuddyPress, a WordPress-based social networking tool that fully integrates with your website so you can build a community online right alongside your product.

What is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin that creates a social network on your site. It’s a must-have for sites that thrive on community engagement. Think of how useful a forum is on a classic car site – or what about a directory for students to network with their peers (something of an exclusive Facebook)?  BuddyPress makes social networks such as those and more happen right on your website.

Do I need BuddyPress?

If a critical component of your business or project is community involvement, then yes! Not only is BuddyPress widely used by websites all over the world but it also has a great support site to help work through any problems you might encounter. As for us, we want to make it easy for you to get your website and BuddyPress up and running in one fell swoop!

WordPress Themes and BuddyPress

Many themes on WordPress support BuddyPress, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have favorites! Here are the best themes we’ve found to build both a beautiful website and social network together.

All themes are responsive as a matter of course (here’s why) but you do have to pay a fee to use most of them. Why, you ask? Well, we thought that you can get a free WordPress theme anywhere and it will probably be pretty good…but why settle? At least it’s free to take a look!


KLEO BuddyPress template

KLEO’s one of the most flexible themes we’ve found on the market – and one of the most customizable. On the other hand, if you’re not the most tech- or design-savvy, there are plenty of demo pages one click away to get your creativity flowing. $63

High points:

  • Live preview and edit mode
  • Facebook login integration
  • Front-end drag & drop page builder

2. Klein

klein buddypress template

Klein was built with BuddyPress in mind. Your users are top of mind: Klein offers user profile builders, user-to-user messaging tools, sharing capabilities, and more. We’re hard-pressed to think of a more intuitive interface for your users to get connected on your website. $58

High points:

  • Color presets
  • Facebook & Google sign-in
  • Multilingual compatability

3. Dynamix

dynamix buddypress template

Dynamix kicks the graphics game up a notch with retina-ready design and layouts for communities, forums, and even slick one-page themes. Whether you want to customize everything yourself or if one of the demo sites is precisely what you’re after, you can get it done with Dynamix. $58

High points:

  • Translation-ready with multilingual plugins
  • Great for galleries
  • One-click demo install

4. Evolve

evolve buddy press template

If this theme sounds familiar to you, it’s because it probably is. Evolve just so happens to be our theme of choice on WordPress thanks to the price – free with POP’s WordPress/BuddyPress plans – and its all-around design and compatibility with businesses of all kinds. Free!

High points:

  • Translation-ready
  • Easily customizable
  • Popular!

POP helps you get your domain, website, and social network up and running with just a few clicks! Don’t have a domain? We’ll hook you up with a free domain! Already have a domain? No problem! Just point your existing domain to POP, and take advantage of all our apps! 



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